A Gardeners’ World watcher believes Monty Don’s new puppy, who makes his on-screen debut tonight on the BBC 2 program, will “be the star of the evening.”

Regular viewers are used to seeing Monty’s pets appear on TV, and he has openly acknowledged that they are taking center stage while joking that “there could be a little gardening too” in a clever plug for tonight’s broadcast.

And there has been a regular influx of animals into the Don family since the sad passing of his golden retriever, Nigel, in 2020.

The host first got a new golden retriever named Nell, and then she got a Yorkshire Terrier named Patti.

Gardeners world Monty Don dogs to make screen debut replacing beloved dog Nigel on BBC 2 program
Gardeners World’s Monty Don shows off adorable new co-host after losing beloved dog Nigel.

And since then, he has developed a love affair with a new dog named Ned, who he confirmed is a “replacement” for Nigel.

Before introducing his pets, Monty made the following joke: ‘‘I haven’t told Nellie or Patti yet…’’, he added, so it remains to be seen whether the three dogs will be best buds!”

He needn’t have worried, though, since Ned and Nell can be seen rolling around in a video he later shared with followers, and it appears like they have a wonderful bond.

Monty told followers on Insta: “Ned makes his world premiere tonight on BBC2 at 8 pm on Gardeners World.”

Sharing the joke on how popular his pets have become, he added: “I am told there might be a little gardening too.”

One follower posted: ”He’s gonna be the star of the show!!” Another added: “Can’t wait they are great company in the garden as long as they don’t do too much digging!”

A third added: “So beautiful love that you love your dogs as much as gardening.”


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