Ghanaian Guy In Germany Narrates How He Snitched On Fellow Ghanaians Without Permit For Their Deportation

A Ghanaian guy in Germany who identified himself as K.B has narrated how he snitched on 6 other Ghanaians in Germany who were there without the necessary legal documents to immigration officials for them to get deported.

According to K.B, immigration officials reached out to him after a video of his speaking against illegal migrants in Germany went viral and caught their attention.

He explained that they asked him if he knew any of such person and he responded that he did.

K.B says in the video that he is a Christian and believes in telling the truth and doing the right thing.

He also added that he didn’t believe it was right for anyone to live in another country illegally, hence, he saw the need to report such persons.

Continuing his narration, K.B revealed that , the immigration officials strike a deal with him and promised to give him 10,00 euros for information on the whereabouts of these illegal immigrants.

He gladly agreed and gave the immigration officials the exact location of where these Ghanaians were and on a Sunday, the officers went for them.

He revealed that, the officers called him and told him they had arrested 5 of them and will credit his account in 24 hours.

On Monday, he received information from the officer that one of the of the Ghanaians arrested had a criminal record and was arranged before court.

The court after trying him sentenced him to 30 years imprisonment and deported the remaining to Ghana.

He admonished all who were leaving in Germany illegally to as soon as possible leave and go to Ghana because the people of Germany don’t need them there.

Watch video below;