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Ghanaians are suffering and you want us to donate Ghc100 for cathedral; Prophet Kofi Oduro says it all

Ghanaians were never expectant that government will one day ask for GHC 100 contributions from the populace to complete the National Cathedral Project. It was during the presentation of the Mid-Year budget review that the Finance Minister called on Ghanaians to help with GHC 100 Funds every month for the project.

Most of the populace was taken by a shock. The current hardships in the country have gotten many angry with the proposal. They believe the unemployment situation is high in the country and the government should not have even thought of asking the populace to make such contributions.

The leader and founder of the Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has made a simple statement about the entire brouhaha and on whether Ghanaians should pay or not pay the GHC 100 monthly contributions. Interestingly, the man of God did not state his position on the matter but made a statement that that will make every Ghanaians think twice.  

A summary of his statement at the Amponsah Memorial Temple of his Church indicates that there are several Ghanaians who are living poor. There are several of the populace who are battling chronic infections with no money to assist their situations.

Some of these people who have serious kidney infections are on dialysis and are unable to pay for treatment but the country has not thought about raising funds for them.

There are children born with disabilities and their parents are unable to take care of them, others are orphans who beg for alms on the streets before they can survive but the country has not thought of raising funds to support them.

Ghana is regarded as a Christian country and if that should manifest, then all those mentioned above and many should be placed at a central point where they can be supported.

It will not be beneficial when a national cathedral is built when the people in the country are not strong enough to make it serve its purpose. We must at least listen to the advice of Prophet Kofi Oduro and build hospitals, take care of the poor, and help the vulnerable to pay their hospital bills through fundraising led by the state.

We can use the same contributions being suggested by the finance minister for the National Cathedral to help save the situation. For now, the National Cathedral Project can wait a while whilst we take the statement by Apostle Dr. Kofi Oduro seriously.

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