Ghanaians Don’t Owe Sarkodie a Support, The Money he makes from music stays in his Pocket and not Ghanaians Pocket.

For some who may only judge this post by reading the caption, the everyday chorus is going to be “He hates Sark”. That is fine, if speaking truth is tantamount to hatred, then gets ready let’s rumble. There are those who feels every critic is a hater.

That is the beginning of the problem, it is one of the reasons Sarkodie feels entitled to support from Ghanaians even though what he does with his talent as a rapper is purely business, he makes money which stays in pocket and no one else pocket.
To begin with, it is without a doubt that Sarkodie is the most supported artiste by Ghanaians in the last decade and half.
Hence, when I heard him nodding to some unfounded assertion by a radio presenter in Nigeria that Ghanaians are not supporting Sarkodie enough, I asked myself what was happening and why Sarkodie himself was not smart and matured enough to correct that assertion and even seconded it.

The plain truth is, nobody owes Sarkodie a support even though he is that one artiste to have enjoyed a consistent support from Ghanaians from his days as an underground artiste to a high profile artiste as he is now.
Sarkodie must not feel entitled that at all time, whatever project he embarks on he will be hailed and supported by Ghanaians. We all know Sarkodie is not releasing good songs like he used to some 7 years ago.

You sincerely think if Sarkodie was releasing the quality of songs he has been releasing now in the past like BET will award him at the time ? Hell No!, you don’t always do songs talking about how when you were hustling nobody helped you and how you are not going to make any new friends now that there is cash and expect back to back international recognition.

Music lovers are just tired about Sarkodie’s lyrics always being about himself and his struggles, we have heard enough of that, we want to hear something more relatable and new which is refreshing.
Now back to the matter, What support is Michael Owusu Addo aka Sarkodie looking for from Ghanaians again ?

When Sarkodie came to the limelight around 2008-2009, there were one too many rappers who were equally doing good raps and having same style as Sarkodie.
Guys like Secure, Quata, Gemini,Okra and even Bradez(Flowking stone and Kunta)  among others who were all doing the “tongue twisting” style of rapping at the time never had the support and selfless love Sarkodie enjoyed from Ghanaians at the time till now.

From that time till date, Sarkodie has been in the good books of Ghanaians even though he has grown to be a hypocrite and what many others believe as he being ungrateful.
The big question Sarkodie must answer is, What exactly is he Sarkodie looking from Ghanaians to do to help his career at the point he is now that is not being done or has not been done?
Some of these Ghanaian celebrities like Sarkodie feels entitled to things they have no control over and that’s very absurd and irritating.

In any case, the average Ghanaian who put on hold his or her hustle on the streets to jump on your project by streaming or sharing your works have no one supporting them and they do not complain because each one for himself, God for us all. 
All the awards Sarkodie has won are in his room and not in a museum dedicated to Ghanaians and all the good monies he has made from music stays in his account and not Ghana’s account, so he go to give Ghanaians some break.

Sarkodie’s Rapperholic show has been one of the most consistently organized annual shows in Ghana which enjoys high patronage from Ghanaians. Notwithstanding the high rates Sarkodie charges, people still fill up the venue for the love they have for him and his craft as a musician.

In about 97% of Sarkodie’s career, his lyrics has always pointed to the fact that nobody showed him love or supported him which is very false and only sounds like a talk from an ingrate.

Ghanaians who stood with him all these years has never complained why he generalize his lyrics as having no support or love from Ghanaians.

What has been Sarkodie’s contribution to Tema, an area he grew up at and had his fan base began at ?
What has been Sarkodie’s contribution to issues of National development? Not until he was called out in the heat of “Fix the Country” did Sarkodie think these calls by some Ghanaians to have politicians worked on things is best suited for same Ghanaians who support his works ?

He kept mute about it, because he has made more friends in politics than in music.
Who are the artistes Sarkodie is nurturing under him so they can also help to push the Music industry forward ? We know the reason behind Strongman leaving the camp of Sarkodie.

What is Sarkodie’s relationship with the very people he started with ?
How many artistes haven’t complained about Sarkodie ignoring their good gestures ?

When Sarkodie made money from the support of Ghanaians he now claims do not support him, he changed his friends.

He was rolling with Kofi Amoabeng of UT Bank and Co. He now hangs out with Ofori Sarpong and his brother Osei Kwame Despite not forgetting Gabby Otchere Darko among others.

Sarkodie has built some impenetrable wall around himself that his own colleague artiste cannot get closer to him.

Why is he not calling on his new rich friends to promote his works but the average Ghanaian on the street hustling to meet his or her needs?

Apart from honoring a few invites to “outdoor free” programs like “Made in Taadi” by Kofi Kinaata, “Ashaiman to the World” by Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale’s annual street concert, what “Free Show” has Sarkodie and his team organized for the ghetto boys and girls on the streets who can not afford ticket for rapperholic to also have a feel of his performance after supporting him for years?

Yet, these people use their little earned monies to buy internet data and download your songs and share your works without asking for anything in return.

Look, Sarkodie must understand the dynamism of the industry that has made him who he is.
New Kings will be made all the time, at the time people threw all the support he needed the most, there were artiste who equally could have enjoyed those support from Ghana but they never had it hence Sarkodie must be grateful to Ghanaians.

You do not travel to Nigeria to promote an album Ghanaians are still pushing on social media even though it is not really a to notch produced album to support a misguided assertion that Ghanaians are not supporting you. I mean who does that ?

Sarkodie is great, that is not even up for a debate but about 98% of the hit songs Sarkodie have had in his career have all come from him collaborating with other artistes and that’s a facts.
How is the relationship between Sarkodie and the very artiste who helped in in making those hit songs?

I remember in 2018, EL had to come out publicly to reveal Sarkodie does not pick his calls nor reply his messages.
This is someone who jumped on Sarkodie’s “You Go Kill Me” track to properly introduce Sarkodie to the World.

Everything Sarkodie have achieved was arguably built on the “You Go kill Me” song even though his “Baby” which featured Mugeez of R2bees was also a top notch not forgetting “U Dey Craze” from Hammer and his boys at the time.

Edem has complained of Sarkodie not picking his calls, Sherifatu Gunu has complained of Sarkodie not responding to her calls, Freddy Mieway; the Ivorian legendary singer has also complained of Sarkodie ignoring him.
These are just a few mention of how a double standard of a person Sarkodie has been to people in his own league.

Ghanaians download your songs when you release them even though many are just personal glorification of yourself and a jab to enemies nobody knows about.

Ghanaians watch your videos on YouTube hence making “Adonai” the most viewed Ghanaian music video on YouTube with over 80 million views.
Ghanaians attend your rapperholic concert even though, your rates are outrageously high.

Ghanaians even bought the inferior produced Sark clothing you could not sustain yourself, so what exact support is Sarkodie looking for from Ghanaians again ?

We should carry him in palanquin? He should come clear.

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