Giovanni put Dancegod Lloyd’s dancing career in the mud as he beats them on the dance floor

Giovanni proves once again that he is the most skillful dancer of time in Ghana.

– The Ghanaian media personality managed to dethrone Africa’s king of dancers, Dancegod Lloyd.

To everyone in the Ghanaian entertainment industry and all over Africa, Dancegod Lloyd dance group are the best dancers but yesterday, TV3’s presenter, Giovanni put their dancing career in the mud as he beats them on the dance floor.

Giovanni’s dancing skills on stage yesterday was one of a kind.

I don’t know which name to give to his dance moves but he was full of energy on the dance floor despite his body size.

The dance battle happened yesterday during TV3’s showbiz 360 program. The host of the show is Giovanni himself and he end up beating his guest on the dance floor.

Without too much talks, watch the video below and judge yourself.

Crazy battle.

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