Alina Kabaeva, the former Russian gymnast, is said to be the girlfriend of President Vladimir Putin. She has won multiple titles and medals in gymnastics, including two Olympic golds. After retiring from competitions, she entered the world of politics, becoming a member of the United Russia party. The relationship between the two was first linked in 2008, although the two were actually linked earlier. While they haven’t confirmed their relationship, they’ve been linked ever since.

President Biden’s blunders are many, but his most recent statement was not well-received. Biden criticized President Putin, saying that he can’t stay in power and that the world and Russia would be better off without him. He also said that the United States did not have any plans to overthrow Putin’s government. However, this hasn’t stopped U.S. officials from trying to backtrack Biden’s statement.

Zelenskyy is Jewish, and his family was murdered by Nazis. This is a blatant insult to the sacrifice of millions of Russians during World War II. The Jewish community would welcome the Russian army to help rid Ukraine of the Nazis. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian people have not welcomed the Russian army. Instead, they are protesting the occupation of their country. And while the world has shown that Putin’s stance is unwelcome, he has been caught with his pants down.

Clearly, the Russian president is concerned about his image and what the public thinks about him. Therefore, he is reverting to his old ways when it comes to foreign guests. Apparently, he is attempting to sway public opinion and divide the nation. The reversal in behavior is not just an act of cowardice, but a calculated strategy to make Russian citizens feel unwelcome.

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