Gladys Pearl Baker was the actress Marilyn Monroe’s mother.

Gladys Pearl Monroe was born in the Mexican state of Coahuila on May 27, 1902. Della Mae Monroe (née Hogan) was from Arkansas, and her father, Otis Elmer Monroe, worked for the National Railway and was an ambitious painter from Minneapolis. Otis began working for the Pacific Electric Railway Co. after the family relocated to Los Angeles County.

Baker married Jasper Newton “Jap” Baker (1891–1951) in 1917 and had two children: Robert Kermit “Jackie” (1918–1933) and Berniece Inez Gladys. Baker filed for divorce from Jasper in 1921 after a series of harsh occurrences, prompting him to abduct the children and raise them in his native Kentucky.

Baker remarried in 1924 to Martin Edward Mortensen (1897–1981), a Norwegian immigrant.

They divorced a few years later, after Baker met Charles Stanley Gifford (1898–1965), her superior at RKO Pictures. She became pregnant while working for him as a film negative cutter, and on June 1, 1926, she gave birth to her third and final child, Norma Jeane Baker, in the Los Angeles County Hospital. [5] Gifford is frequently mistaken for her father, despite the fact that his identity is unknown. Baker used her ex-name husband’s and listed his residence as unknown on Norma Jean’s birth certificate, giving her the surname Mortenson.

Norma Jeane was given the name Baker by her grandmother Della to conceal her illegitimacy. Della Monroe died of a heart attack not long after. Otis, Gladys’ brother, vanished in October 1929 and was declared deceased in 1955.

In the small village of Hawthorne, Baker placed Norma Jeane with evangelical Christian foster parents Albert and Ida Bolender. Baker acquired a tiny house in Hollywood with a loan from the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation in the summer of 1933 and brought her daughter in with her.

Actors George and Maude Atkinson and their daughter, Nellie, were lodgers at the residence. Baker experienced a nervous collapse in January 1934 and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. She was admitted to the Metropolitan State Hospital after spending several months in a rest home. Grace Goddard, Norma Jean’s mother’s friend, became her ward of the state and took charge of her and her mother’s affairs.

Baker married John Stewart Eley, an electrician, for the third time in 1949. Eley died of a heart illness three years later. Baker worked in a nursing home in Eagle Rock and as a housekeeper in Los Angeles after being released from the hospital.

Norma Jean, who later became an actress under the stage name Marilyn Monroe (adding Baker’s maiden name), paid her money on a monthly basis. Baker was admitted to Rockhaven Sanitarium in 1953 and was paid $250 a month by Monroe. Monroe’s business manager, Inez Melson, cared after her until Monroe’s death in 1962.

Gladys’ daughter left her a $100,000 trust fund, from which she earned $5,000 every year. She attempted to flee the sanitarium several times. She reportedly traveled 15 kilometers to the Lakeview Terrace Baptist Church in 1963. She was discharged from Camarillo State Mental Hospital in 1967 and continued to live with her daughter Berniece until her death on March 11, 1984, when she moved into a retirement facility in Gainesville, Florida.

Gladys Pearl Baker cause of death

Gladys had schizophrenia her entire life and would never be able to achieve stability outside of a mental institution. Marilyn and she didn’t know each other at all. Gladys lived several decades longer than her famous daughter, dying in 1984 at the age of 82. Norma Jeane had faded into obscurity. She managed to win the dispute she had with Marilyn about Marilyn’s prominence, and made the modest remark, “I didn’t approve of Marilyn’s career.” “I never thought it helped her.”

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