The late Eagles singer and guitarist Glenn Frey passed away Monday at the age of 67. His illness was an unexpected one.

Though he was a member of the band since 2007, he did not perform on their first three albums.

In 2007, Frey released Long Road Out of Eden, their first full-length album since The Long Run. This was followed by the critically acclaimed documentary, History of the Eagles.

In 2012, he released After Hours.

His family was devastated by the news, and his family has subsequently filed a lawsuit against his hospital and gastroenterologist.

It’s unknown what caused Glenn Frey’s death, but there are several causes.

He suffered from multiple ailments, including severe diarrhea and constipation, which left him susceptible to infections.

This forced him to seek medical attention, requiring expensive treatment.

Despite this, his condition was chronic and continued to make him vulnerable to infection.

According to reports, he was also treated for rheumatoid arthritis in the days before his death.

After the breakup of the Eagles, Frey went on to pursue a solo career.

His first solo album, “No Fun Aloud,” was released in 1985, and he was unable to play live.

Due to intestinal problems, he had a major operation in late 2015.

He was suffering from diverticulitis and had surgery for his colon, which weakened his immune system.

He was also visited by his former bandmate, Don Henley, who was a close friend and inspiration.

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