God is wicked than Satan; Nana Aba Anamoah’s Osebo openly state on live radio

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The entire Christian journey is anchored to Belief. A belief that will require Faith and a Faith that is revealed through God’s Grace.

The Belief is simple yet challenging for many; a belief that Jesus and God are so closely connected or maybe more accurate to say bound to one another that if you see Jesus you have in fact seen God.

This means If you follow Jesus, you follow God and if you believe in Jesus, then and only then do you actually believe in God. But is God wicked? This remains of the toughest of questions which needs to be answered.

The answer came from non other than Ghanaian fashionista and social media activists, Osebo Zaraman who has preached today in the studio of Kingdom Plus FM.

In an exclusive interview with the host Fiifi Pratt, the businessman posited “God commanded Samuel to draw his sword and behead Edgar the king.

Saul held the attire of Samuel which got torn and he was told as the attire of Samuel is torn, so shall your name be bloated out of the annals and chronicles of Israel because of your stubbornness.”

“God is not that merciful, he kill 12,000 people a day because of Moses. God told Moses not to marry an Egyptian lady but he did so and his siblings; Aaron and Miriam castigated him. God got angry, visited them in the temple to warn them that he spoke in dreams and visions but to Moses it was face to face.”

“How dare you speak against him. Miriam became a leper and it took the intervention of Moses to cure her. Who is merciful? God decides who to have mercy for and who to Kill. Never say he is merciful.”

You can watch the video below

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