Government workers receive 4% salary increment, article 71 office took over 50%-Captain Smart

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Captain Smart has made a serious revelation about the the salaries of the article 71 office holders in Ghana as compared to the government workers.

The government, in the year 2021, declared that the due to the economic situation of the country there was no strength to grant the proposed 15% salary increase by the labour unions.

Therefore, the meagre increase accepted by the both parties, government and labour unions, was 4% increase for the year 2021.

In a comment on the salary issues on Onua Maakye hosted on Onua TV this Wednesday morning 21st July 2021, Captain Smart has revealed that the article 71 office holders took a salary increase of over 50%.

In his statement, he alleged that the President has taken about 79% salary increase, ministers have also been given a 57% increase while the deputy ministers took 52% increase.

He made these statements to bemoan the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian and the poor government workers who pay everything from their meagre income in the increasingly hardships of the country and yet receive this little salary increase, while ministers who receive almost every allowance are taking that huge salary increase.

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