Guinean lady who was drugged by doctors and “raped” is buried today – Doumbouya extends his condolence to her family

People become so wicked that their unaccomplished mission often leads to unfulfilled desires and frustration among them. Not only people but you may have observed some group resorting to cruelty to achieve what they want to achieve but actually are misguided, frustrated and confused.

So in order to overcome confusion and frustration, they resort to cruel means to get attention by targeting the children, women and weak. Same is the case with individual . When his desires like lust, greed , unbridled power and getting rich quickly are not fulfilled, his frustration leads him to jealousy and anger.

M’mah Sylla, a youthful gorgeous Guinean lady boarded a flight to Tunisia to seek for medical treatment. It is believed she had wanted to abort a pregnancy but the reason for her decision remains unknown.

Things took a different turn when the doctors who had taken an oath to save lives rather abused her. They drugged her and took multiple turns to rape her and afterwards performed an operation on her.

Mamady Doumbouya, the interim president of the transition has gotten to hear of the news of her demise and currently ordered swift investigations to carry out and bring the perpetrators to book.

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