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Guy discloses how some U.S-based Ghanaians are secretly setting up to eliminate Twene Jonas.

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-A fan of Twene Jonas reveals the set-up made by some Ghanaians in the US to get rid of him.

-According to him, they only pretend to be his fan when they meet him.

A Ghanaian in the US advises Twene Jonas to be cautious about the people he interacts with.

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Twene Jonas has become a public figure, even though he has people who are in support of what he does, others also oppose against the commentator.

The American-based Ghanaian vlogger who is known for criticizing politicians over bad governance, seems to be risking his life lately.

An unrecognised guy has shared a four minutes video detailing how Jonas life is at risk.

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This guy reacted to a video of some Ghanaian citizens in the US, secretly filming Twene Jonas while he is on his duty blasting politicians.

In the video, these unidentified guys secretly recording Jonas were insulting him but pretended to be his fan as they “glass nkoaa”, one of his popular terms.

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According to the Adviser, this is one of the set-ups they are exhibiting against Twene Jonas.

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