Guys, This Is Why Women Carry Big Handbags

A girl’s handbag is a treasure trove of usefulness. Guys often wonder why women carry such huge bags. They can’t fathom the amount of stuff that goes into a woman’s big handbag and how useful to our daily lives such items are. Here are a few of the useful things every girl carries around in her handbag:

  • Umbrella– Come rain or shine, most women have a small umbrella to protect them from the elements. In the wet season, most women add a shower cap and a rubber flip flop just in case to the umbrella.
  • Power bank and USB cord– Because we never know where we would run out of battery and having a full charge is important.
  • Sanitary pads/Tampons– You never know when you would need a spare tampon or sanitary pad. Because periods can show up unannounced, having a spare or couple of spares in your handbag means you would never have to deal with getting stained anywhere you are.
  • Small makeup kit– This is where we keep chap stick, lipstick, blotting paper, powder and more things necessary to ensure our makeup stays fresh all day long.
  • Hand cream – This isn’t just for the dry season. The hand cream is an ever present feature in the average woman’s handbag because after washing your hands in the rest room, the hand cream comes in to help keep your hands soft, moisturized and supple. Who wants dry ashy knuckles?
  • Chewing gum/breath mints– Have you noticed how smelly your mouth gets when you don’t speak for some hours? This is why many women keep breath mints or chewing gum in their bags. Nobody wants to talk to someone with mouth odour.
  • Mini hair brush/comb– Who knows when your hair would need a touch-up? Looking flawless doesn’t come easy guys.
  • Mini first aid kit– This includes pain killers, hot balms, bandages and other things you might need when you suddenly fall sick or have a slight accident.
  • Earbuds– Because listening to music isn’t just an escape, it is a way to be busy to avoid creepy men on our way home.
  • Handkerchief/face tissue – Some days are just too hot and sweat is a part of life. Having face tissue helps.
  • Miniature perfume – You may just need a refresher during the day. Who knows?

These things take space which is why most women have big handbags.

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