Has Bibby been killed by Hakeem Robinson?

Is He being held in Florida’s Jacksonville?

Adrian Gainer, also known as Bibby, was killed in 2019, according to the accusation made against the American rapper Ksso, also known as Hakeem Robinson.

Since September 2020, Ksoo has been detained in the Duval County jail after being accused of being the cause of Lil Greenback’s death earlier that year

Did you murder Bibby? (Ksoo)

The musician, whose real name is Hakeem Robinson, is accused of killing Lil Greenback in January 2020 and Bibby in February 2019. Police believe that the two men were killed by a local resident of Jacksonville in separate gang-related incidents. The Hilltop Village Flats on West 45th Side Road was where Ksoo shot Bibby, they said.

Ksoo appeared at a bond hearing in a Duval Court one week before the two murders were formally prosecuted. The prosecution included Ksoo’s 2021 song and track video Been Useless, in which he boasts about killing others, as further evidence for the highest bond amount.

Rapper Ksoo is still incarcerated for killing Adrian Gainer.

Ksso is accused of killing two other patients in two different years. In spite of the most recent allegations, the rapper’s family still thinks he is innocent. At a press conference held outside the Duval County Courthouse recently, Shay Robinson alleged that her brother was once blameless.

She made it known that she had spoken to all sides over time and had been pleased with how comprehensive the verdict had been. Shay claims that after hearing her brother’s case, the courtroom behaved in a certain way.

Rapper Ksoo is accused of two first-degree murders. According to the authorities, Robinson killed Charles McCormick in 2020 and Adrian Gainer in 2019. Additionally, Abdul Robinson Junior and Abdul Robinson Senior have also been charged with homicide and are thought to have been complicit in the crime. Before being prosecuted in court, all men are forced to appear for a brief period of time.

History of rapper Bibby’s homicide

In connection with those incidents, Robinson was charged with second-degree homicide. He had previously served just under two years in the Duval County prison. Robinson’s attorneys have argued that his bail should be reduced so that the maximum amount of the document label that he signed will cover it when the most recent indictments are overturned.

Robinson’s bond was set to be reduced by Duval County Circuit Court Judge Tatiana Salvador when the indictments were made public, making the amount irrelevant. Robinson will continue to be detained. Given the higher costs, he might spend the rest of his life there.

Robinson’s attorneys claim that the state’s plan to prevent their client from being released from detention is the reason they are not startled by the fresh claims. After being accused with homicide in connection with the photographing death of Charles McCormick, 23, on January 15, 2020, Robinson was held on a $1 million bond.

When the state disclosed a recent homicide rate, Robinson’s document company, Cinematic Track Crew, used to be in the process of attempting to submit the bond. This time, Adrian Gainer Jr., also known as Bibby, a 16-year-old, was killed on February 25, 2019, and Robinson was accused of his homicide.

Is Ksoo Useless Or Alive?

Ksoo is currently being detained in the Duval County jail on charges of first-degree homicide in connection with the deaths of two further persons in 2020. He has denied all of the allegations, and according to his immediate family, he is also innocent.

ATK and KTA, two rival gangs, are now fighting each other in Florida. Yungeen Ace, a rapper, leads ATK, while Foolio, a rapper, runs KTA. This conflict is being hidden on numerous YouTube channels across the country.

Robinson and Yungeen Ace have collaborated on a number of music videos where they rap about using firearms, spilling blood, and killing their rival factions while decked out in diamond-encrusted jewelry and ATK badges.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when this classic hip-hop feud started, but some old Jacksonville murders that were memorialized in well-known rap song movies most likely contributed to the issue.

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