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Harlan Drum Biography and Date of birth

The date of birth of American actor Harlan Drum is still unknown. The actor was born on February 1, 2002, and is a daughter of Christine Frei Drum and actor Clark Drum. She has three siblings and seems very close to her older brother. She stands at a height of 5’7″ and weighs about 55 kg. The actress has yet to reveal her exact height and figure measurements. In addition to her age, Harlan Drum has not revealed her boyfriend or her relationship status with her mother or father.

During her early career, Drum began modelling and acted in commercials for Burger King and Samsung. She later appeared in the hit American Girl line and modeled for H&M. Drum has also starred in movies like Sweet Magnolias and MacGyver. In addition to acting, Harlan Drum has appeared in many other movies and television shows. At a young age, she began her modeling career, working for numerous national and international clients and appearing in several fashion magazine editorials.

Educational background

Actor Harlan Drum is a model, television personality and social media star from Los Angeles, California, United States. He has been featured in popular films and television series, such as Friendship Never Dies, MacGyver, and Sweet Magnolias. His educational background is as varied as his career. Before making his acting debut, he worked as a photographer and model. He also starred in a series called Sweet Magnolias and appeared on the cover of Venice magazine in 2022.

Born in Los Angeles, California, in 2002, Harlan Drum grew up in his hometown and attended a public school. He found his love for acting when he enrolled in acting classes at a small public school. He is of white ethnic foundation and belongs to an affluent family. Although Drum does not have an official Wikipedia page, he has a large following on social networking sites such as Twitter and YouTube.

Harlan Drum Relationship status

Harlan Drum is an American actress, TV personality, and social media star. She has worked in films and television shows including Sweet Magnolias, MacGyver, and Friendship Never Dies. Her relationship status is unclear, but it is believed that she is bisexual. While her father is a Native American and her mother is an immigrant, she is often portrayed with both men and women. While her parents don’t confirm her relationship status, they are supportive of her career.

The first season of the popular American drama Sweet Magnolias aired in 2021, where Drum starred as an FBI agent. The series ran for three seasons, and the actress played a supporting role in each episode. She later appeared in another television show, Sweet Magnolias, which was written and produced by Sheryl J. Anderson. For more information on Drum, visit her official website. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates on her personal life.

Harlan Drum Career

The career of Harlan Drum began at a very early age, and she began auditioning for projects at the age of seven. She has modeled for H&M, Justice, and Vogue Bambini. She has over 8k followers on Instagram, and posts pictures of herself and her family. Her mother also works as a photographer, and she has even been on the cover of Venice magazine in 2022. Now, she is pursuing acting and modeling.

In 2021, Harlan Drum rose to fame by playing Brooklyn on the hit television show MacGyver. Her character appeared in three episodes of the show. The year following her appearance in the show, she landed her breakthrough role in the movie Sweet Magnolias. This movie was created and produced by Sheryl J. Anderson. Harlan Drum’s career took off from there. The movie has been nominated for a number of awards and garnered rave reviews.

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