Actor, director, and writer Harold Ramis died of complications from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis.

He was born in Chicago in 1946 and spent his formative years working as a weekend kid at an Ace Food and Liquor Mart.

He went on to study at Washington University in St. Louis and began writing comedy scripts.

He also worked as a teacher and journalist, and avoided service in the Vietnam War by lying on his application form.

During his later years, he became active with the Second City improv troupe.

His marriage ended in a divorce in 2014, but his philosophies were very similar. After his divorce from his wife, the two had a fourth child.

The child, Mollie Ramis, was born after he and his wife had split up.

However, his relationship with Heckerling was short-lived. The couple had a daughter, Mollie, before he met Anne Plotkin.

The actress and director also had a relationship before they married. His daughter believed that she was her father.

A recent study revealed that Ramis died of an autoimmune disease called vasculitis.

This ailment affected the blood vessels in the body and caused the actor to lose the ability to walk.

He had to relearn how to do everyday tasks.

After several months, he was able to walk again, but his condition got worse and he lost his life. It is unclear what was causing his illness.

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