One question is “has Elon Musk been to Mars?” The SpaceX founder has mentioned that he dreams of establishing cities on Mars.

However, to do that, he will need a lot of people. The SpaceX Starship is a rocket and spacecraft combination that can carry 100 people to the red planet. Unlike previous missions to Mars, this one is fully reusable and can be returned to the ground.

The plan for a crewed trip to Mars was released in April 2013, and Musk hopes to send an uncrewed Starship there by 2024. The crewed mission is scheduled for 2026 but could be delayed until as early as 2031.

In his book “Elon Musk: SpaceX and Human Settlements on Mars”, Musk describes a ‘great filter’ for Mars, at which point the red planet will be self-sufficient enough to sustain human life. While the ‘great filter’ is not yet a reality, it is a great goal. This means that Mars must have a ‘great filter’ to be able to sustain human life.

There are numerous reports that suggest Musk has gone to Mars. In February 2014, he wrote an article for The Space Show, stating that the first colony on Mars was launched in 2017.

The interview occurred at 29:45 and 30:40. Despite his claims, this is still a long way away. It will take decades for Musk to build the colony, and he has already claimed that it will be self-sustaining.

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