Elon Musk’s recent donation of $6 billion to the World Food Programme (WFP) is controversial. While some lauded the donation as a great gesture, others criticized it as nothing more than a publicity stunt. However, the matter has since fallen into a grey area, as Forbes recently reported. While Musk has not revealed the impact of the $6 billion donation, it is possible that he’s been donating to various charities, including other technology startups.

For years, people have been wondering whether Musk has donated to charity. The billionaire CEO has disclosed his personal wealth of $8.5 billion, which includes a stake in Tesla and SpaceX. Since his donation was so large, it would be difficult to trace where the money has gone, but the funds likely went to a donor-advised fund, or DAF. This type of fund is set up to allow donors to direct the distribution of funds without any public disclosure requirements or annual distribution requirements.

In his last tweet, Musk had offered to donate $100,000 to a Houston-based charity, but his family office head, Celia Cole, saw it and contacted the organization. He offered to donate even more, offering to give $150,000 for winter storms relief. Musk has been transparent and playful in his charitable giving, but has been somewhat coy about revealing the amount. However, in January, Musk publicly announced that he’d been struggling to find worthy causes to donate to.

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