Has Elon Musk Invented Anything? When Elon Musk was young, he was interested in video games. He designed a Blastar game and sold it for $500 to a magazine. He later took this game to the space program in the NASA program and received a patent for it.

He has been accused of inventing numerous things, but the inventors who created his work have not been prosecuted. It is not known what the company’s name is or what he has invented, but his many inventions have been credited to him.

Musk’s family includes an African father and a Canadian mother. He had a successful video game at age 12 and sold it to a computer magazine.

In 1998, Elon moved to the United States to pursue greater economic opportunities. He attended Queen’s University in Canada and transferred to the University of Pennsylvania in 1992.

After graduating in 1997, he received bachelor’s degrees in physics and economics from the University of Pennsylvania. He was originally going to attend Stanford University, but he dropped out after just a few months to focus on technology and the internet.

Although Elon Musk may not have invented anything, he did invent several things that are widely used today. He created a PC game, Pedo Guy, in his early teen years.

He says that he and his cousin, Tom Junod, wrote it together. That was his first invention. But since then, he has invented many more great inventions, and he has continued to innovate.

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