As one of the most innovative and successful entrepreneurs of our time, has Elon Musk ever written a book? The answer is No.

In his youth, Musk dreamed of leaving his crowded home to start a new life in the United States. He saw America as a land of opportunity, where he could flourish and make his dreams a reality. Musk’s early days were filled with coding, and he was able to learn the BASIC programming language within a few days. Later, he published simple video game code in a local magazine.

A book about the CEO of SpaceX is definitely on the cards for Musk. He has written a biography and an official autobiography, which was published in 2015, before the company became the world’s most valuable company. He was the richest man at that time, and his biography is the perfect way to celebrate his achievements and share the wisdom he has acquired. And, despite the fact that he’s never written a book before, he certainly knows some things that most of us don’t.

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