Teresa Ruiz Lopez is a Mexican actress. Ruiz is well-known for her performance as Cartel queen Isabella Bautista in the first two seasons of Narcos: Mexico. Ruiz has been awarded many Best Actress awards internationally and is a lifetime participant in the Actors Studio.

Teresa Ruiz has been the topic of speculation about plastic surgery in recent times.

Teresa Ruiz is a Mexican actress best known for her appearance as a character in Narcos: Mexico. In the TV show she plays the role of the queen of cartels Isabella Bautista.

Prior to that she featured in movies such as The Marksman, Amorous Pancho Villa, Bordertown, Marcelino and many more.

Ruiz’s latest film is Father Stu in which she was portrayed alongside Hollywood actor Mark Whalberg. The film was released on the 13th of April 2022.

The new fashions of actresses attract lots of interest. It is reported that the Narcos model has been involved in plastic surgery in recent times.

Has she had surgery?

Is Teresa Ruiz surgery rumours true?

Teresa Ruiz has been the center of speculation about plastic surgery. It’s because of her role as a leading female drug dealer in Narcos.

Her character in the show is being pressured by her narco-godfather for plastic surgery to change her slim figure.

In the past, Carmen has also escaped being taken to a consultation room with a doctor.

In reality, Ruiz is naturally beautiful and happy with her authentic self. She has not used the process of cutting her hair in her entire life.

Teresa Ruiz has never done any surgery before.

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