“He k!ssed me , I didn’t k!ss him”- Woman strongly defends cheating on her fiancé 

A couple are caught up in a dilemma on whether to break up their relationship or give it another try. 

In a recent video, a lady was seen narrating the incidents that led to her being unfaithful to her partner.

According to her, she met up with another man at the bar and things begun to unfold after the man invited her to lunch. 

In her account, she stated that the guy approached her and they started talking and getting familiar with each other. 

However during the dinner date, the guy made a move and kissed her. 

While at a session with a relationship counselor, the lady argued that what happened cannot be referred to as cheating because the guy was the one who kissed her and not the other way around. 

The partner of the lady was however outraged by the lady’s remarks and stormed out of the counseling room. 

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