Heavy fighting at Knust Between Conti and Katanga students, scores injured

Conti and Katanga were once at each other’s throats at the Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology, a new video has surfaced online with the student engage in a serious brawl.

So you see, we have so many retrogressive things going on in our universities. This worries me because Universities are supposed to be places of higher thought.

This Konti-Katanga madness is not in KNUST alone. In Legon, Vandals and Okpomates engage in that same condescending, antiquated, uncivilized, stone-age behaviour; same in UCC and others.

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Every now and then, you hear about these halls clashing violently. They have created long held so called traditions that keep the schisms between them tight and hold them apart in a perpetual man against man show of power. And this manifests itself in violent clashes every now and then.

I continue to argue that ordinarily, such rivalries are not problematic. But that is only if they are manifested in more progressive ways. What if Konti and Katanga would show superiority in brains at the end of every academic year?

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How will they do this? Their institution is a Science and Technology university, so they can channel their energies in competing among themselves on who can come up with the best technology ideas or manufacturing ideas or new science formulas or new medical research.

So that at the end of the year if Konti has more of such than Katanga, then Konti rules for that academic year and vice versa.

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This will be a more useful way of expending their energies than the current show of machismo which amounts to nothing but a foolhardy wastage of their parents’ financial resources.

You can watch the video below

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