Hennessy Carolina: Intriguing facts about Cardi B’s sister, age, girlfriend, and parents

Hennessy Carolina is the only biological sister of rapper Cardi B and American model. She was born on December 22, 1995, in New York, the United States, and she is currently 25 years old. Her full name is Hennessy Carolina Almanzar.

Hennessy Carolina Profile Summary
Born: December 22, 1995, in New York
Full Name: Hennessy Carolina Almanzar
Nationality: American
Occupation: Model
Partner: Michelle Diaz
Siblings: Cardi B
Parents Hometowns: Father is from Trinidad and Mother is from the Dominican.
Niece: Kulture Kiari Cephus

Hennessy Carolina’s Family Background

Hennessy Carolina Almanzar was born in the Bronx borough of New York City on December 22, 1995. She spent her childhood in the South Bronx area, Highbridge neighborhood, which is an area with the majority of Latino people alongside her rapper sister, Cardi B.

Hennessy Carolina’s parents’ nationality

Hennessy Carolina’s sister, Cardi B often speaks in the interviews about her parents, and she describes them very fondly. She mentioned that she had really good parents, which had common and poor jobs, which indicated that their family was not very rich, and she had to pave her way to success.

Hennessy Carolina
Hennessy Carolina

However, the rapper does not mention the names of her parents. Perhaps, she wants to protect them from the additional spotlight, given that she has become really popular these days, and paparazzi are tracking her every move.

Therefore, Hennessy Carolina and Cardi B’s parent’s names are unknown yet, but maybe someday we will learn them if she decides to be more open about her family. Though, some sources suggest that her father’s name is Carlos Almanzar.

Talk ofHennessy Carolina and Cardi B’s parent’s nationality, their Father is from Trinidad and Mother is from the Dominican.

Hennessy Carolina’s siblings

What is known about Hennessy Carolina is that she is not the only child of her parents. She has an elderly sister. Her name is real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar who is popularly known by her stage name is Cardi B— she married to rapper Offset and have a baby called Kulture.

By the way, it is known that Carolina also has half-siblings, which are an outcome of her father’s other marriages, as her parents broke up when she was ten. She has six half-siblings in total and the names of some of them are Maciel, Nicauly, and Fernando.

During her growing-up years, Hennessy Carolina spent a lot of time at her paternal grandmother’s house. She lived in Washington Heights and that is why Cardi B says that she should say thanks to her grandma for her strong and thick accent. The model and her grandma are still very close. She also has a close relationship with her sister Cardi B and takes her to a lot of celebrity events.

Hennessy Carolina girlfriend.

Hennessy Carolina is currently in a relationship with Michelle Diaz who whose occupation is currently not known . The two lovers currently celebrated their four years anniversary .


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