An article containing the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer’s ancestry, please keep reading;

Who was Herbert Walter Dahmer?

Herbert Walter Dahmer is the grandfather to the Milwaukee Monster (Jeffrey Dahmer). Herbert Dahmer was born 21st August, 1904, by In 1940, he was 35 years old and lived in West Allis, Wisconsin, with his wife, Catherine, son, and daughter. His parents are; John Dahmer and Rose M. Siedel.

Meet Jeffrey Dahmer’s Grandma, Herbert Walter Dahmer’s Wife.

Catherine Jemima Hughes is Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandma and a wife to Herbert Walter Dahmer.

In 1933, Catherine tie the knot with Herbert Walter Dahmer. Lionel Herbert Dahmer is their only son. Herbert Walter Dahmer also had two grandsons, named Jeffrey Dahmer and David Dahmer.

How old was Catherine before she died?

Catherine died at the age of 88 in December 25, 1992.

How old was Herbert Walter before he died?

At the age of 67, he kicked the bucket on May 24, 1971, in West Allis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was interred in Highland Memorial Park in New Berlin, Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Jeffrey was only 11 years old when his grandfather, Herbert died.

Who is David Dahmer?

David Dahmer is the younger brother of American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. He’s more than six years younger than Jeffrey.


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