Following a fight that took place early on Saturday at Saskatoon’s Crazy Cactus Pub, a 22-year-old woman is now being charged with manslaughter. Paige Theriault-Monday Fisher’s appearance in provincial court was crucial. She is thought to have murdered 23-year-old Hodan Hashi. The racism and sexism involved in her murder are acceptable because it was reduced to a bar fight and was framed as such. The Hodan Hashi video is currently quite popular online.

On social media, a video of Hodan Hashi sparring in a bar has gone viral. Numerous times, a woman’s neck was stabbed. Police claimed that Theriault knew the victim’s identity before the altercation. The main charge against her was second-degree murder, but it was ultimately reduced to manslaughter.

According to officials, the inquiry is still active. Even though Theriault and the victims were not named in the press release by the police, they were acknowledged in online posts.

Hodan Hashi Bar Fight Video


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