How a soldier told Idi Amin not to rename Uganda or else they will be known as “Idiots” is really funny

This is a true story of how Idi Amin had wanted to change Uganda’s Name. Once upon a time, Idi Amin Dada Oumee was a military officer and served as the president of the country from 1971 to 1979 after overthrowing president Milton Obote.

Amin was a brutal leader who saw the Europeans, Asians and Americans as his enemy and did all he could to humiliate them.

With the help of the Tanzania government during the glorious reign of Nyerere, he was ousted out of power and he went into exile to Saudi Arabia.

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He was popularly know as the the Butcher of Uganda. He is belived to have brought the country to her knees economically and politically. 

At a point in time he had once wanted to change the name of Uganda to Idi because he thought he could do anything with Uganda and that the country belonged to him.

As autocratic as he was, Everybody within his government from ministers to even soldiers feared to question this illogical decision or to demand an explanation.

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A close pal and confidant of his by name Maliamulungu overcame his fear stepped forward and persuaded the president from changing the country’s name. He opined “Sir, Please do you know Cyprus”? Of which the President replied back in astonishment ” What has Cyprus gotten to do with my decision to change our name to Idi”?

He explained further and said “the people of Cyprus are known as Cypriots, So if you change Uganda’s name we will be called as idiots including your very good self, so please let’s stick to our name.”

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Idi Amin upon realizing the logic in this explanation exclaimed “Aaah! Maliamulungu you are very intelligent. In fact intelligent than everyone else in Uganda except me.”

This is the funny Idi Amin. Do you think renaming of Uganda was necessary and that they should have been called idiots.

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