How Apostle Dei Tumi, Ex Pentecost Chairman was nearly Killed by assassins

Apostle Dr. Michael Ntumy, a man of strong faith, the fulfiller of the great commission, the soldier of Christ and the last man standing for the gospel was the chairman of the church of Pentecost at the time of this unfortunate incident which had sought to eliminate the leader but our God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, he who never sleeps nor slumbers divinely delivered him.

As narrated by the spiritual giant some time back, on July 26th was the birthday of his son Samuel Kofi Ansong Ntumy who was named after a retired apostle Samuel Kofi Ansong, a veteran of the church of Pentecost and mentor to many including himself.

The energetic young man was an electrical engineer and has helped in the building construction of Pentecost churches which was the joy of a proud father and delight of his family.

A special day like this which was supposed to have called for celebrations rather took a horrible twist when some believed hired unidentified assailants viciously attacked the man of God in the company of his children at his North Ridge residence in Accra whiles on a jogging exercise with his children.

How Apostle Dei Tumi, Ex Pentecost Chairman was nearly Killed by assassins

The attackers had monitored and followed closely the preacher man with his family for some time on a motor bike. Upon realizing the short distance for him to enter his residence, they overtook him, turned and stopped instantly facing him with an evil intent of killing him.

By this time some of the children unaware of what was happening had already entered the residence.
His willingness to answer their question turned into a nightmare, when the accomplice sitting behind the rider jumped off from his back wielding a machete and all of a sudden he knew his life had ended when the machete was slashed on his head.

He lifted both hands in an attempt to block the machete from landing on his head whiles holding his phone. The phone was slashed into two in a reflexive action and all he could hear was a loud explosion. He fell on the road and began to shout the name of “Jesus” this is the name which has power to deliver. Even as he felled to the ground, this attacker wouldn’t stop striking him but any time he tried he missed the target.

All this while, his screaming and yelling had attracted the attention of the security guards and those neighbors and ambassadors closely to his residence. The attacker jumped on the motor bike and sped off. He was pulled from the concrete gutter with bleeding over him.

Upon examining him, it became evident that he had sustained some degree of injury and subsequently admitted at the hospital. His wounds were dressed and he was discharged from the hospital.

When he reflexively raised up his hands, the LORD directed the machete to land on the Nokia phone, instead of his head, hacking the metal casing of the phone all the way down by a few centimeters. The impact caused the phone to explode.

When news broke out about the intended assassination, Ghanaians from various political and religious affiliations came to pay a visit to the chairman including the then vice president his excellency Alhaji Aliu Mahama.

The media analyzed the whole scenery and raised questions: was it an assassination attempt, was there a plot from within the church to eliminate him, a robbery or a mistaken identity.?

How Apostle Dei Tumi, Ex Pentecost Chairman was nearly Killed by assassins

What would have been impact of the descending machete on his head? This is the wonderful work of God at display. Is there bickering and hidden motives in the church the house of God? There are More questions than answers. Thanks for reading.


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