How Cavemen Woo Women

How Cavemen Woo Women

R. Kelly gave us the lowdown in the Make it Rain Remix released in 2007. Good song, good raps, with the world’s greatest dropping the shittiest line in rap history : ‘I take a chick to my room like caveman.’

You know how cavemen woo women? They hold them by the hair and drag them into their caves, whether they are interested in having sex or not.

R. Kelly is currently standing trial for sexual crimes, rape and abuse of women who were underage when they encountered him.

Do you see why some of us were so outraged about a Ghanaian teacher’s so called jokes about grooming a school girl he was teaching? It wasn’t because we were blameless. It was just not right!

People won’t always do what they say or joke about. But if they can say it, they can do it. Words create worlds. Could be they have been thinking about it a lot. Could be it’s a fantasy they want to live someday. Could be they are just doing what the rest of society does. Trivialize sexual consent and the helplessness of vulnerable groups. After all, the woman was made for man, so why ask nicely?

You need to ask nicely because we have long evolved beyond the Paleolithic period. We are no longer cavemen. You should ask nicely because that’s the reasonable thing to do. You should ask nicely because a wrong perpetrated against a weaker group just emboldens other wrongdoers, and you might find yourself in a weaker group tomorrow.

A culture that is not outraged at rape, sexual harassment, abuse and gender violence might just see other evils proliferating in its social fabric.

The taxi driver who kills his passenger isn’t that different from the teacher who takes advantage of his student.

These are people who are only strong when other people are weak. That’s not strength. It’s a trait typical to bullies.

We need our laws working. We need to punish rape, sexual crimes, and gender violence. We need to ensure that our girls get all the education they need and are empowered to earn a living for themselves and not be financially dependant on a man.

That’s one step towards eliminating gender violence and ensuring social justice for all.

Let’s do this.

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