Adrienne Pan the TV and Radio host has passed away. Everyone is mourning on social media regarding her passing. The host of the afternoon show Adrienne of the CBC’s Edmonton died at the age of 43.

Pan was a child and went to her college at Victoria College of the Arts located in Edmonton. Pan was a hardworking woman who inspired her fellow students. 

Pan hosted shows while in high school, and this helped her prepare for more prestigious shows. She gained a lot of knowledge when she worked for Winnipeg as well as Lethbridge along with A station in Edmonton.

Pan was interested in people’s interests in her heart, so she made a documentary on the group active Harry Lehotsky, who was suffering from pancreatic Cancer as well as an inner-city Pastor who won the National award for a television documentary.

 Pan did a few amazing projects prior to joining CBC Edmonton. Pan was enthusiastic about her work to the point that she was required to substitute for the absence of a colleague, without any preparation.

In a reflection on the experience in the year 2018, Pan said: “It was a terrible time to sit on a broadcast that was not scripted for hours and hours However, it was an extremely memorable moments of journalism that I’ve had in my professional career.”

Pan loved a lot of things such as fashion music, movies travel, and food. She was a great help to many dining establishments. She enjoys helping those who have a healthy diet. Pan was sickly for months , and it was difficult.

The people she worked with missed her. They spoke of interesting facts about her in the hospital

In the Hospital, Pan sent a text message to Prei about the burger she was thinking about.

This burger came served with cucumbers, cream cheese and sprouts. Prei did not dress since she didn’t want them to soften.

“After I had dropped off the hamburger, a bit later, I received an email and she mentioned she thought the hamburger had a lack of the acidity.” Prei recalled.

“That’s the thing I liked about her — she was incredibly sincere.”

Prei is the executive director of Edmonton restaurant May as well as a Radio active columnist, as well as a close acquaintance of Pan.

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