Netizens have always enquired how Easy-E died and the cause of his death.

Eric Wright popularly known as Easy-E was an American rapper who co-founded and lead the group N.W.A and its record label. He’s been touted as the “godfather of gangsta music”. Unfortunately, the music guru didn’t last that much.

This article will talk about the death, funeral, and controversies around the death of the music legend.

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How did Easy-E die?

According to his doctors, he died of HIV-induced Pneumonia just a month after he was diagnosed with the disease.

Easy-E admitted having affairs with numerous women of which eight of them ended up giving him children. “I had other women,” he confessed. “Maybe success was too good to me.”

While Easy E was in a critical situation at the hospital, he and his girlfriend  Tomica Woods who was then pregnant with their second child got married on March 14, encircled by his immediate family.

Easy-E funeral

He was buried at Rose Hills Memorial Park Lupine Lawn Lot 2482, Grave 1. Whittier, Los Angeles County,  California on April 7, 1995.

How did Easy-E die?
How did Easy E die?

More than 3,000 people attended his funeral. Among the attendants were Jerry Heller and DJ Yella. He was buried in a golden coffin and was dressed as he would always like, a flannel shirt, jeans, and his favorite Crompton cap.

How did Easy-E die?
How did Easy-E die?


There was general unrest about how quickly HIV would have ended the life of this rapper. Conspiracies started coming up which many have concluded that the rapper was murdered.

His son Yung Eazy was bold to allege that Suge Knight had injected his father with HIV via his Instagram account. He has promised to dig deeper to come kit with the truth about his father’s demise.

 B.G Knocc also suspected foul play in the death of Eazy-E. Knocc, who was a signee to Eazy-E’s Record label also said he believed deeply that somebody did something very wrong to his boss.

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