Which way did James May go? A Grand Tour star crashed a wall at 75 mph and was immediately transported to the hospital.

On Friday, August 12, James May, a well-known journalist and television broadcaster, was involved in an accident and taken to the hospital. After the crash, he reportedly suffered injuries to his neck, back, and one of his ribs.

May crashed while she was filming The Grand Tour for Amazon Prime Video at the defunct Olavsvern military facility near Tromso.

French Amjad

French Amjad


@U2 The first victim is Olivia, followed by Anne Heche. Salman Rushdie and James May both have current medical conditions.



The phrase “#NHFTHR”

The phrase “#NHFTHR”


James May is currently in the hospital following a collision in a tunnel in Norway.

What caused James May to end up in the hospital?

As he and Jeremy Clarkson were filming a drag race for The Grand Tour, May’s car hit a wall, injuring one of his ribs. May and Clarkson had to drive their rally cars through a tunnel and toward a rock wall at a Norwegian naval base to accomplish the task.

Since the tunnel light only turned on as the cars moved along, drivers had fewer than five seconds to react if they didn’t have enough room. May appeared to understand this, but just then, he slammed on the brakes and hit a wall.

With the aid of the paramedics who swiftly came, May was able to enter the hospital, and the show was taped without him.

An individual who talked with The Sun claims

It looked quite disturbing at first. The paramedics arrived quickly as Jeremy and Richard began to worry for their buddy. Medical staff is on hand for a production of this size as is normal in case—as they did here—things go horribly wrong.

James, according to the insider, suffered a serious head injury and is currently dealing with neck and back problems.

May, Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and Andy Wilman are the creators of The Grand Tour. Both critics and audiences have given the show largely favorable reviews since its premiere on November 18, 2016.

James May started off in publishing as a subeditor for The Engineer and Autocar. He later provided content for publications like The Daily Telegraph, Top Gear, and Car Magazine. Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure was co-written by May, who also wrote the book May on Motors.

His numerous television appearances have earned him recognition; he has presented shows like Driven on Channel 4 and narrated Road Rage School on BBC One.

A Sky documentary titled Inside Killer Sharks aired in May. He also traveled the world in the 2008 BBC miniseries James May’s Big Ideas in search of real-world applications for concepts that were formerly considered to be science fiction. He then provided the narration for the documentary To Space & Back in 2013.

JM’s Unemployment Tube was launched in 2015 by James, who established the Head Squeeze YouTube channel. The channel combines cooking videos from his kitchen with fake building of Airfix miniatures. The newest video on the channel was released in February 2021.

He started the social networking site DriveTribe for auto enthusiasts in 2016. He also founded a subsidiary business called Foodtribe where he created movies in a small kitchen.

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