Stewart Rhodes is the leader and founder of the Oath Keepers. His eye patch gives his unique appearance, Steward has become notoriously identified among the top well-known activists of the movement against government.

Another feature of his has to do with his passionate voice that is used to proclaim his “Gospel of Protecting the Constitution’.

As the founder of the Oath Keepers who were part of the self-described militia section of the far-right, Rhodes projected himself as the leader of a private militia ready to fight “tyrannical” government officials and protect the Constitution through any means necessary.

One question people are asked the most frequently about Rhodes is what he does with an eye patch, and why did he lose his eye?

Stewart Rhodes
Stewart Rhodes

What caused Stewart Rhodes lose his eye?

Steward Rhodes suffered a loss of his eyesight in 1993. According to reports that he was an instructor of firearms. Unfortunately for him, once dropped an unloaded firearm. 

The gun, upon striking the floor fired and hit his face. The result was a blinding in the left eye of Steward Rhodes. This was the reason Steward Rhodes suffered from a loss of his vision.

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