How does your name influence who you are ?

The Question how does your name Influence who you are is one that has been hitting the minds of many with some parents desperate to know this in order to choose carefully how their new born babies should be called.

A person’s name is undoubtedly the greatest connection to their own identity and individuality, in fact Sometimes we try to live up to our names. Sometimes we try to run away from them.

But either way and for all the options in between, your name is a crucial factor in developing your sense of self, and thus helps propel you forward on various paths of life and career.

How does it propel you forward on various career paths? Let’s take a deep look into it.

Assuming you are given the name Charles from birth and you grew up realizing that is a name of a renowned Author recognized worldwide, there is a high possibility of you thinking about following in the footsteps of Charles to Become an Author too. With this, your name has successfully influenced who you are about to become in terms of Career choices.

Also, Are you one of those wondering why you hear some parents name their children after legendary personalities? It’s simple, they believe what such legendary personality achieved in life can play a great influence in their children growing up to make similar impact.

Let’s break it down more with another critical example, when you are on the street and you hear someone mention the name Ronaldo!! what comes into your mind? The first thing that comes into the mind of At least 80 percent of people in that surrounding is a certain footballer called Cristiano Ronaldo especially if the person in question is a he.

This is where the attention comes back to the person with strong beliefs by the people around that the name bearers may be a footballer or definitely someone who has passion for it.


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