How Gerard Pique met Shakira to become one of the most admired celebrity couples in the world

Barcelona Defender, Gerard Pique might be known as one of the best defenders ever to play the game and as much as he is good on the pitch, it’s the same way he is good in his games off the pitch as well.

The Former Manchester United player was desperate to land the musician as his the very day he set his eyes on her in Madrid on set filming a music video ahead of the 2010 world cup in South Africa.

Unfortunately for Pique, he couldn’t get the chance to hold a lengthy conversation with Shakira but was lucky enough to get her contact but still couldn’t get to meet her because the Popular singer was billed to perform at the opening ceremony in South Africa so she has to depart to the country earlier.

“The first time I met Shakira, it was in Madrid while filming the music video for her song “Waka Waka” for the 2010 World Cup. I asked for her number. She arrived in South Africa before us (the Spanish national team) because she was singing at the opening ceremony.” Pique narrated

The defender was then left asking himself if his shot is going to hit the target or go straight over the bar. It was until he sent Shakira a text asking of the weather in the African country that he realized she has some admiration for him as well.

“I sent her a text to find out what the weather was like since we were arriving a few days later. In general, when you ask a question this stupid, you get an answer like “It’s cold, bring a coat”. But she wrote a long paragraph with details about the change in temperature during the day. I said to myself: “Jesus, that’s not normal”.” He continued

Now Pique’s destiny is not really in his own hands but that of his entire Spanish teammates as the only way to set his eyes on his crush is if he is able to make it to the finals.

“The details showed that she liked me. We started messaging each other during the World Cup but the only chance I’d get to see her was if we made the final because she was performing in the closing ceremony. So I told her if I had to make it all the way to the final just to see her, I would.” The defender revealed

Spain went all out And defeated the Netherlands 1–0 after an extra time goal by Andrés Iniesta and today Pique and Shakira are happily together with two kids even though they are not legally married.

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