The first question most people have is, “How is Tina Turner so rich?” She has worked hard to build her career and personal fortune.

In fact, she has had a turbulent early life and has been open about it on many occasions. Her mother abandoned her when she was young, and her father was absent a lot.

Though they had a nice house, food, and a few other necessities, they lacked love and affection. However, she has risen to fame as a megastar and has earned millions of dollars.

When she was in the spotlight, she was often photographed in her Jaguars. The singer’s husband Ike Turner gave her a Jaguar when she was young. The present sparked her love for sports cars.

After Ike Turner’s divorce, he bought her a Jaguar XKE V12 roadster. She was able to keep her Jaguars even after their divorce. Her other car collections are also impressive. She has driven a Lamborghini and a Mercedes G-Class.

She has a hefty net worth of $270 million. The income from her career primarily comes from the ticket sales of her tours. Her last tour made her rich in 2008. In 2008, she earned $84 million for it.

She is also the only female artist to have forty hits in six decades. If you’re wondering, “How is she so wealthy?” is the right place to go. But before you ask, “How is she so famous? “, you should know her personal story.

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