How long has Putin been president? The question is a good one to ask yourself. Vladimir Putin served as a KGB officer in East Germany. When the Berlin Wall came down, Putin was still in Dresden. He returned to the Soviet Union in 1990 and took up residence in St Petersburg, formally Leningrad. In 1991, he was appointed to the mayoral administration of the city. He was a former professor who developed connections with various groups and organizations in the city.

As a result of these relationships, Putin has been in power for over two decades. His first presidential term began on May 7, 2000, when he was appointed acting president of the Russian Federation. He began his political career in Saint Petersburg, and his first tenure as president saw eight straight years of economic growth. This was the result of a fivefold increase in oil prices, as well as recovery from the post-communist depression. The economic growth came about after Putin implemented cautious economic policies and increased foreign investment.

According to Russian law, the president can only serve two consecutive terms. In fact, his current term is six years. Although there are constitutional limits, Putin has not been forced to leave office. He was elected to the presidency on both occasions, winning both elections with a more than 70 percent majority. However, Putin’s term has been extended several times, most recently to two more four-year terms. In 2008, his term was cut short due to constitutional limitations.

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