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How Many Baby Mamas Did Eazy-E have? An answered Question

Eric Lynn Wright, better known by his stage name Eazy-E, was an American rapper, composer, record producer, and entrepreneur who helped to popularize West Coast rap and gangsta rap as the leader of N.W.A and its label, Ruthless Records.
He died at the age of 30 from HIV/AIDS-related complications.

Following his career, the rapper has had a very conspicuous relationship stance with the women involved with him. So much so that most of his close friends and workers don’t even know their identity.

A question that seems unanswered to many is how many relationships did Eazy-E actually have? and their children? when was the period of the relationships?

though most of these question answers are unavailable to the public as the artist kept a tight leash on his relationships, we can deduce some answers based on public news and the children that were identified.

How Many Baby Mama Does Eazy have?

Eazy-E had eight Baby Mamas.

In total, he had 11 children with eight different women, according to Jerry Heller. Though the majority of these women have yet to be recognized, it is commonly assumed that this is the case. he also said that Eazy-E was always in contact with them, calling them one after the other.

“I listened to him talk to his multiple lovers on the phone, one after another,” Jerry recalls in his 2006 Ruthless, a Memoir, per The Washington Post. “Women were his Achilles’ heel. I couldn’t believe that a guy with so few other weaknesses indulged himself in such a huge one.”

Relationship Life

In 1984, Eazy-E had his first son, Eric Darnell Wright (also known as Lil Eazy-E). He also has his first daughter, Erin has officially changed her name to Ebie. Both are arguably said to be children of Tracy Jernagin.

How Many Baby Mamas Did Eazy-E have? An answered Question
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\Tracy Jernagin and Erin Wright (Lil-Eazy E

though Eazy-E was known to date numerous women in the same period of time, he eventually got married. He met Tomica Woods in a Los Angeles nightclub in 1991, and the two married twelve days before he died in 1995. Dominick was their son, and Daijah was their daughter.

How Many Baby Mamas Did Eazy-E have? An answered Question
Tomica Woods

Eazy-E’s Children:

Ebie Bria Wright

Eric Darnell Wright

Henree Wright

Dominic Wright

Daijah Wright

Erica Wright

marquise Wright

Raven Wright

Elijah Wright

David Wright


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