When the first Pokemon game was released in Japan 25 years ago, there were 151 monsters. As of 2021, there are 898 Pokemon. They are divided into eight generations, with the first generation featuring just over one hundred monsters. There are different types of Pokemon, too. Keeping track of them all is a bit overwhelming. This article will walk you through the Pokemon game’s history and how to keep track of all of them.

There are eight different generations in the Pokemon franchise, with each generation adding between 70 and 150 new creatures to the Pokedex. Some Pokemon have more than one form, including regional variants, Mega Evolutions, and Legendary Pokemon. These can be used in different ways in various games, and some Pokemon can even have multiple functions. Not every Pokemon is featured in every game, however. Listed below are some facts about the number of Pokemon.

Starting with 151 Pokemon, the franchise quickly expanded, adding new species to its roster. They were given numbers in the Pokedex, and the Kanto region was home to the first generation of the games. The game series continued to add unique Pokemon to the Pokedex, and today there are 898 different species to play with! This list of Pokemon is by no means complete, but the information is helpful when deciding which to play with.

While this number may be a bit daunting, it is a great way to understand the game’s massive number of characters. Several species of Pokemon have evolved into Legendary characters. While few people will ever get to experience them all, this information is a great start. Just remember that not every Pokemon is unique, so it’s better to choose the best Pokemon that suits your style and preferences. Then, go out and get a Pokemon!

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