How Much Does a Canada Work Visa Cost in Ghana?

How Much Does a Canada Work Visa Cost in Ghana?

How Much Does a Canada Work Visa Cost in Ghana?

Thinking about exploring professional opportunities in the Great White North? Obtaining a Canadian work visa is the first step, and understanding the associated fees is crucial for planning your application journey.

The main cost associated with a Canadian work visa from Ghana is the application fee. This fee varies depending on the specific type of work permit you’re applying for:

  • Standard Work Permit: $155 CAD (Canadian Dollars) per person. This covers most work permit applications, including extensions.
  • Group of Performing Artists: $465 CAD for the group. This applies if three or more artists are applying together. Individual visitor visas might still be required.
  • Open Work Permit: $100 CAD. This type of permit offers more flexibility in terms of employers, but eligibility is stricter.

Additional fees to consider:

  • Biometrics collection: $85 CAD. This fee covers collecting fingerprints and a digital photo.
  • Medical exam: The cost will vary depending on the clinic and location. Expect to pay around $200 – $300 CAD.
  • Travel to the visa application center (VAC): This depends on your location in Ghana.
  • Courier fees: If you choose to have your passport returned by courier, there will be an additional cost.

Important notes:

Beyond the fees:

Remember, obtaining a Canadian work visa also involves meeting eligibility requirements, gathering documents, and potentially demonstrating language proficiency. Be sure to thoroughly research the specific requirements for your chosen work permit category.

Additional resources:

By understanding the fees and additional costs involved, you can start planning your Canadian work visa application with more clarity and confidence.


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