Adele known in real life as Adele Laurie Blue Adkins has risen to fame through her music as she’s known as the singer cum songwriter born in Tottenham, London on May 5th, 1988. She has had a successful career however she’s still having a long career ahead of her as a British music star.

She’s best known for her soulful voice and multiple hit like “Someone Like You”, “Rolling in the Deep”, “Hello” and others, she’s won several awards to her credit including Grammy.

Despite being known for his numerous hits and captivating records, Adele has always been engulfing the news headlines due to her massive weight loss and body transformation as she stunned fans with her massive weight loss in 2020 and 2021.

How much does Adele weigh?

How Much Does Adele Weigh

The Grammy Award-winning singer has made her weight loss information very private since she started the journey of losing with aim of keeping fit however Adele is estimated to have slashed her weight and currently weighs about 150lbs, after losing 100lbs recently.

She kickstarted her weight loss journey in 2019 and her previous personal trainer, Pere Garacimo revealed in an interview that her Adele decision to lose weight was to keep fit and also for her family.

Adele was said to have been following a strict diet which was a Sirt food diet and also lower drinking to be able to lose that huge weight.

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Adele weight loss journey

How Much Does Adele Weigh

Adele was known to be someone who was comfortable in her size 16 body and it was one of the reasons she attracted many eyes as it wasn’t common to see someone chubby making it big in the music industry.

She doesn’t succumb to social media pressure and she was always happy to be big and many people drew inspiration from her because of her confidence but she wasn’t happy as she dropped a heavyweight by sticking to her diet, preserving, and having good work ethics to achieve the massive weight loss

How long did it take Adele to lose weight

How Much Does Adele Weigh

Adele initially stated that she was only training to keep fit but later surfaced with a massive weight loss and she is said to have used two years to lose 100 pounds when she started the journey of keeping fit

How did Adele drop so much weight?

Many have been questioning how Adele, the British songstress was able to lose that much weight, well in a previous interview with British Vogue, she noted she had a fitness routine and also worked out three times daily