In 2009, the actor earned more than $200k per episode of the popular show Better Call Saul. His salary was $150,000 an episode, but he’s now making $200,000 an episodes as a producer.

The star also earns $2 million per season. While he’s still in college, Odenkirk has several projects in the works, including a film called Nobody.

How much does Bob Odenkirk make per episode
How much does Bob Odenkirk make per episode?

While most people don’t know his name, Bob Odenkirk is a multifaceted actor who has done a lot of work.

His first television role was on the critically acclaimed show Breaking Bad.

His role in the show gave him a role in the comedy genre, which earned him his first acting Emmy nomination.

The actor has also been a successful producer and director with many projects to his credit.

After he starred in Breaking Bad, Odenkirk made several more shows. His income peaked in the early 2000s after he had already graduated from high school. During that time, he earned more than $150,000 per episode.

Later, he earned more than $250,000 an episode as a star of the show Better Call Saul. In addition to his acting and producing, he’s also a successful producer.

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