While it’s difficult to estimate Smollett’s paycheck per episode, there are many factors that will impact his pay. The fifth season of “Empire” aired 18 episodes and Jussie Smollett made about $65,000 per episode. The show is now streaming on Apple and Netflix and has seen a huge boost in ratings. This has translated into bigger pay for the star.

According to Forbes, Jussie Smollett is a multimillionaire who has earned $7 million from the hit drama Empire. The star has made millions from the show despite the fact that he’s black, gay, and openly gay. In a recent interview, he claimed that he paid two brothers $3,500 to stage a hate crime attack on him. Smollett allegedly communicated with the men before the incident to plan out the attack.

As the host of Empire, Jussie Smollett earns an average of $20,000 per episode. In comparison, Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson earn an average of $175,000 per episode. Besides Smollett, other stars like Bryshere Y. Gray and Trai Byers all earn more than that. However, the situation has been complicated by the recent controversy surrounding Jussie Smollett. It’s important to understand that a person can’t earn as much as they are worth.

While Jussie Smollett made more than $125,000 per episode on Empire in its fifth season, he remains in the bottom tier of the cast’s pay scale. Despite these skepticisms, the star’s salary remains low compared to other cast members. He earned about $65,000 per episode when the series premiered in 2015, and it grew exponentially. Currently, Jussie Smollett is making up to $125,000 per episode.

In the aftermath of the recent attack on Smollett, the cast of the hit show “Empire” has reportedly paid him $7 million for the first season of season. Henson and Howard’s salaries are largely comparable. However, the alleged attackers were paid more than $175,000 per episode. So, Jussie Smollett’s earnings are based on the amount of time he spends on the show each episode.

According to two sources, Jussie Smollett was paid $125,000 per episode. However, the actors and actresses involved did not comment on the salaries of their colleagues. In fact, both of them reported that the salaries of both Jussie Smollett and Terence Howard were higher than that of the cast in the first season of “Empire” than in the second.

As of late 2016, Jussie Smollett earns about $125k per episode for his acting role on “Empire”. In Season five, he earned an additional $225k, which is the average salary for a single episode. He is estimated to be worth about $500k. But his salary is not set in stone yet. He will have to wait until he has the approval of Fox to make his salary.

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