Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress and television producer, Please keep reading to know more;

Numerous award winning celeb, Sarah Jessica Parker or SJP for short, was born 25th March, 1965, from U.S but her father was of Eastern European Jewish ancestry, and her mother had German, and some English, descents.

How much does Sarah Jessica Parker weigh?

To talk of Jessica Parker’s weight and other body measurements, she is said to have the following;


47 kg (104 lb)


158.8 cm (5 ft 2.5 in)

Bra size


Chest size

87 cm (34 in)

Hips size

86 cm (34 in)

Waist size

60 cm (24 in)

Is Sarah Jessica Parker a vegetarian?

She is not. Jessica eats a lot of fish and low-carb vegetables, lean meats, plus healthy fats and carbohydrates in moderation. She is a vegan rather

Did Sarah Jessica Parker get rid of her mole?

Yes she had a mole removal. Pictures have emerged showing ‘Sex and the City’ star SJP without the mole she used to have on her chin. From a source, “It’s true. She did have it done.

How much does Sarah Jessica Parker weigh and is she a vegetarian?
Jessica before and after mole removal.

Does Sarah Jessica Parker have veneers?

Veneers are custom-made shells that fit over the front surfaces of a teeth. And Sarah Jessica Parker, for example, has had porcelain veneers placed on her teeth.


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