How much is Sydel Curry worth

Have you been asking yourself How much is Sydel Curry worth? Let’s take a deep look into her wealth andher source of income.

Sydel Curry has mdae some fortune for herself and very comfortable when it comes to financial ability without even the inclusion of her husband Damion Lee.

Sydel currently has a net worth of approximately $300,000 making most of this income through her career as a Volleyball player and Social media influencer.

Sydel played volleyball throughout her entire sports career until an unfortunate knee injury back in 2017 forced her to quit the game.

How much is Sydel Curry worth
Sydel Curry

Despite spending almost all her volleyball career playing for school teams, Sydel made some few incomes from the sports before her premature retirement.

She switched to YouTubing quickly after taking the decision to stop playing volleyball and that has since been her source of income.

Sydel racked up some great numbers on social media with over 566,000 followers on Instagram, 8000 subscribers on YouTube and 60600 followers on twitter to make it a combined 634,600 followers across the three main platforms.

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