Since she was appointed executive vice president and chief financial officer in 2021, Rachel Ruggeri has drawn notice for her diligence and commitment to her position.

Rachel is in charge of Starbucks’ global finance department, which includes creating and putting into practice financial plans that support the business’s long-term expansion.

She works at Starbucks and is successful there. To get where she is now, she has traveled a long distance. To learn more about her, keep reading.

CFO and EVP of Starbucks Rachel Ruggeri Dictionary and Bio

Both Washington State University and the University of Puget Sound awarded Rachel a B.A. and an MBA. Later, in 1992, she started her job as an instructor at a community college and an accountant working for a nearby town.

Before working at Starbucks, she worked in a number of different fields, including finance leadership, providing support to social service groups, and the food business, where she helped a well-known local pancake and baking mix company and processed Idaho’s famed potatoes.

In 2001, Rachel began working for Starbucks as a member of the accounting team. She was tasked with helping to establish the Starbucks Stored Value Card, which has since contributed significantly to the company’s success.

She has also held a number of financial positions, mostly in corporate and American company finance.

She most recently held the position of senior vice president for the Americas, where she was responsible for the retail portfolio for the region, which comprised both company-operated and licensed/franchised outlets. But the multiple opportunities she has had to advance and cultivate talent within the company are what she is most proud of.

The combined pay of Rachel Ruggeri, who works for Starbucks as an executive vice president, chief financial officer, and principal accounting officer, is $1,786,898.

More money is being paid to Starbucks executives, with Kevin Johnson getting the highest salary at $19,242,000. She may have a net worth of over $3 million as a result, with her position as CFO at Starbucks serving as her main source of income.

Insiders at Starbucks have made approximately $220,527,734 in stock trades and 487,048 unit purchases totaling $29,742,103 during the past 19 years.

Every 18 days on average, Starbucks executives and independent directors trade shares worth $10,218,778.

The most recent stock exchange was conducted by Howard D. Schultz on May 12, 2022, when he traded 72,500 shares of SBUX stock for a total of $4,991,625. We can infer from Ruggeri’s Starbucks salary that she leads an opulent lifestyle.

The Family And Husband Of Rachel Ruggeri

The Starbucks CFO and her spouse enjoy a happy marriage. The identity of her husband has not yet been made public.

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys running, hiking, and other outdoor activities in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their two Vizsla dogs.

The CFO has also kept her spouse and family’s identities largely private. It is difficult to discover about Ruggeri’s personal life because she is not active on social media.

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