How much money will Full Custom Garage’s Ian Roussel have in 2022?

A well-known American television personality and owner of Full Custom Garage, Ian Roussel, has a $3 million fortune.

He has starred in 66 episodes of the television program Full Custom Garage and made a total of 66 appearances. Additionally, he worked with well-known people like Victor Cacho and Shop Inspector.

The MAVTV channel will soon provide the television program, which centers on automotive designer Ian Roussel as he tries to produce one-of-a-kind vehicles. The distinctive building of each episode puts Roussel’s original vision to the test. It will be a crazy ride since he won’t stop until it is totally customized.

He started his business in the auto customization industry and ran a website that offered t-shirts and sportswear for kids, teens, and adults. He enjoys donating a portion of his income to a variety of nonprofit organizations.

The revenue and wealth of Ian Roussel’s Full Custom Garage

Ian earns $115000 per year and has a total net worth of $3 million.He’s living a good life with the money he earned.

Additionally, he received a portion of the earnings from his job as a well-known television personality and automobile designer. The actor creates top-notch automobiles. In comparison to other producers, demand has increased significantly.

Based on the requests of his clients, he created unique automobiles. In addition to manufacturing cars, he also hosts the television program Full Custom Garage, which pays him well.

Early Years and Personal Information (Roussel, Ian)

The American Roussel, now 51 years old, was born on November 19, 1970, in Southern California, under the sign of Scorpio.The fashion designer is six feet two inches tall and weighs 89 kg.

He also had balding-colored hair and hazel eyes thanks to the tattoo on his torso. He is a member of the Caucasian ethnicity and is of American descent.

He opted to spend most of his time with his father, a car enthusiast, rather than studying at school. This sparked a strong curiosity and passion for automobiles, just as it had for him.

Thanks to his parents’ encouragement, Ian was able to follow his dreams and discover his artistic talent for car customization.

He also shared a photo of his father on Instagram with the hashtag @fullcustomian, gaining 143k followers and returning 100 followers. He has so far written 3470 posts.

He decided to pursue a career in vehicle customization after he reached maturity and began to put a lot of effort into it. He came up with numerous unique automotive designs that gave them a sleek and striking appearance.

Automotive enthusiasts from all across the country demanded his unique ideas for their own vehicles as a result of the success of the cars he customized. Everyone was in awe of his creativity since he was able to meet the needs of his customers.

Ian Roussel and Jamie Roussel’s marriage produced two children.

In November 2019, Ian and Jamie Roussel said “I do” in the Californian Mojave Desert.

The couple were wed in front of their loved ones after dating for some time. Jamie and Ian had their first child, Jayce Roussel, in June 2003, and their second child, Ava Roussel, in 2007.

Since their marriage, they have had a strong bond. After celebrating their one-and-a-half year wedding anniversary in March 2021, the couple will share the husband-wife mate.

Jamie can be found on social networking sites with the name @mrs.roussel_, where with a post dated 9/16 she amassed 5,000 followers and followed 1,000 people.

She mentioned that she shared her knowledge on the website

She also works as a holistic health coach, and since she decided to work hard and live in alignment, her life has significantly changed.

Since she is happier and more productive here, she has never had a good relationship with herself. She has found satisfaction in making her physical, mental, and spiritual needs a priority.

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