We’ve all heard the name Alan Rickman, the actor who played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films. The actor was born in the United Kingdom. After becoming famous in the movie franchise, he gained international fame in other projects like Die Hard.

Alan Rickman was only 24 when he started playing the character, so he was almost 50 when the first film aired.

How old was Alan Rickman when he played Severus Snape
How old was Alan Rickman when he played Severus Snape?

However, he began his acting career at age fifty. That makes him about 60 when he portrayed Severus Snape in the first film.

He had only been acting for three years when he landed the role, so his age hardly changed when he was cast as the famous wizard.

Before landing the role, Rickman studied graphic design. He started his own business and later quit to go to acting school. He said he wanted to work in the movie industry, and that he wanted to help kids.

This gave him the chance to become a hero in the Harry Potter franchise. When he was 28, he landed the role of the famous headmaster.

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