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How to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money through text (With Examples)

This article will also cover how to ask your boyfriend for money through text and the various successful ways you should consider. Great examples you could use are also included. Let’s dive into it!

Getting financial help from your lover may seem difficult to do, especially when your relationship is still in its blossom stage. try not to overthink it, everyone requires assistance or additional funds from time to time.

If you’re a lady in a relationship, your boyfriend should be one of the persons you can count on in an emergency, so it is alright to ask him sometimes for financial assistance.

Don’t want to ask him directly? then that’s fine. read on to learn how to ask him via text!

Men enjoy it when their woman requests acceptable stuff from them, even if they don’t say it. It gives them a sense of being a provider. Because every guy is different, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this topic. Others may misinterpret your request, while others may be very helpful or patient.

When asking for money, there is no one-size-fits-all response to this question since every man is unique. Others may mistake your request for something else, while others may be exceedingly helpful or tolerant.

Before you ask your Boyfriend for money through text, you must understand how to ask and when to ask it. You can’t pop the request every time; you have to time it correctly to enhance your chances of earning the money.

With all these considered, learn the best possible ways to ask your boyfriend for money through text without seeming desperate, needy (unless you are), or looking like a gold digger.

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They are the 2 most important criteria that every girlfriend should examine before texting their boyfriend for money. They are as follows:

  1. Location & Time
  2. Mood

There are moments when asking your boyfriend for money through text is a wonderful idea, and times when it isn’t. The mood or happenings of the day will also influence the response you receive when you inquire.

So, if you ask during one of those unfavorable periods, you’ll almost certainly receive a big, fat NO.

So, when is the perfect moment to text your lover and ask for money? These are some of the finest times and places to ask your boyfriend for money through text. (Top 160 Thinking of you Text Messages for Loved ones)

When is the Best time to ask your Boyfriend for Money?

How to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money through text (With Examples)

1. Beginning of each month

It is common knowledge that everyone who works gets paid at the end of the month. This is the best time to ask your boyfriend for money through text as he would have just received his monthly salary.

If you ask him a few days before, then he would include your request in his budget for the month.

If your boyfriend is rich and earns monthly, then you can ask him anytime.

2. When your boyfriend is Visibly Happy

As his girl, you’d be one of the first people to know when your boyfriend is happy. He smiles more frequently, he pays you more attention, and he is joyful throughout the day.

3. Before & after sex

If you and your boyfriend are sexually active, then you wait until you are about to have sexual intercourse. During this time, your boyfriend will likely say yes knowing he is about to have the time of his life or he already did.

4. After helping or surprising him with something he loves

For example, if your guy enjoys video games or lego, now is the ideal time to surprise him. Spend as little as you can afford since it’s pointless to buy a $1,000 gift and then ask him for $200.

Giving him a hilarious card, pulling a joke on him, or indulging him in the finest sex of his life would all make him very pleased.

You may also assist him with his work, watch sports with him if he enjoys it, assist him with his laundry, dishes, or whatever else you’d like to do for him. Helping your partner will make him feel grateful to you and a bit indebted to you. This is the perfect opportunity to strike!

5. When you need it

We all need money as time goes on, be it an unexpected expense or we really wish to buy something we like. It is okay to ask your boyfriend for money through text at any time as long as you know he has it and you two have a good relationship.

Now that you know the right time to ask, let’s follow on to how to ask your boyfriend for money through text!

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The best format to use when asking your boyfriend for money through text

How to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money through text (With Examples)

Here is one of the best formats all girlfriends should use:

1. Open up with a greeting

Make sure you begin with something that will help the rest of the phrase to flow smoothly. A simple “hello” or “hi” would work.

If you and your lover have a habit of calling each other pet names, ‘babe,” darling” or “sweetheart” can work. An example would be ‘Hey Babe’.

2. State the problem and how it is affecting you

Is the money needed for bills, cosmetics, hair, school, or lunch? Make a point of being as descriptive as possible. When there is a cause for the money, try not to keep it a secret.

‘I really want pizza with expresso right now, but I don’t have any money to purchase it,” “I really need to change my hair this week, but I’m broke”, “my professor just revealed his new book for history class, but I don’t have any money to buy it” and so on.

3. Ask for his money to help solve your problem

Request that he assist you in solving your situation by donating finances. If you know how much you’ll need, try to place it in the box.

‘Could you please aid me with $100, thank you very much?’ or ‘I really need some money today or I’m doomed, lol.’ are some examples. (110 New Friendship Messages To Make Your New Friend Feel Special)

When these two elements are combined, we get:

 “Hey babe, I just saw this amazing dress on amazon for $350, I know I will kill in it but I can’t afford it right now. Could you give me some money to buy it? thanks”

“Hey James, I am really down in cash right now and could use some, could you send me some? Love ya”

“Hey sexy, could you send me some money? I am hosting dinner tonight but don’t have enough money to buy everything. Thanks a mil!”

This is a format that is guaranteed to provide a positive response from your boyfriend, having him send the funds to you as soon as you demand it if he has it available.

While it may seem fun to request free cash from your boyfriend, here are a few things you should know before you ask him.

Things you should not do when asking your boyfriend for money through text

How to Ask Your Boyfriend for Money through text (With Examples)
  • DO not be greedy.
  • Taking advantage of your boyfriend’s finances will cause him to doubt your intentions and affection.
  • Do not be aggressive.
  • Try to not be demanding and entitled.
  • Do not ask your boyfriend for money through text when you know he doesn’t have it to give.
  • If you really don’t need it, don’t ask.
  • Requesting for money from your boyfriend regularly is a big red flag, avoid it.

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Top samples for on how you can ask your boyfriend for money through text

Still, finding it difficult to text your boyfriend? Don’t worry! Here are some samples that you can use to ask your boyfriend for money through text.

Hi Babe. Please I really need [Insert Amount] for [Insert reason] urgently. It would mean the world to me if you can help me with this.

Hey Babe, Please I really need you to surprise me with an alert, I am feeling down. Thanks so much

Hello {Insert Name], I am feeling down today. Try to brighten up my day for me and I will make sure to make yours tonight.

Hy darling. Hope you are doing wonderful! I want to visit the saloon to get a makeover but I don’t have any money. Could you send me some?

Babe, I just saw this dress online and I have falling in love with it! I want you to feel me in it but I don’t have any money. Could you send some?

(Insert name), I really need [insert amount] from you urgently. My electricity bill is running high and I don’t have any money to pay it off.

Great! you finally understand all you need to know on how to ask your boyfriend for money through text! feel free to use any sample and text your boyfriend now! Goodluck!

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