How To Enlarge Your Penis With Toothpaste?: Sex has become so part of human life to the extent that people and their significant others are trying to find solutions on how to give each other great pleasure but as the ladies are making their search for the solution the guys are also browsing through the internet to find a possible solution to either make their pennies enlarge or over the burden of Premature Ejaculation (PE). When you glance on the internet you’ll see that many blogs have articles on how to make one’s penis enlarge but among all these methods the one that seems dangerous has the word ‘toothpaste’, Yes I mean “how to enlarge your penis with toothpaste”.

Firstly, this is one of the most dangerous methods one could think of but there’s a cure in some way that people are engulfed online to spew anything with their ‘words’ that are untrue just to attract attention to either their blog or videos. Why won’t you think about the heat you experience when you put toothpaste in your mouth to clean your teeth then have a second thought of applying the same toothpaste on your penis.

In this article, we’re going to have a journey of knowing why it’s dangerous to even think about opting for using toothpaste to enlarge your penis

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How To Enlarge Your Penis With Toothpaste?

The myth

How To Enlarge Your Penis With Toothpaste

The internet has brought many good things in the lives of humans such as helping people to interact, get informed and also help in research but let’s not forget that anything good also has its negative characteristics and this, I will describe it as ‘internet cures’

Let’s say you want to try using toothpaste to enlarge your penis because you have nothing to lose but I will say you are just wasting your time as it won’t do you any good as you want it and it will also not cure your premature ejaculation nor cure your erectile dysfunction.


How To Enlarge Your Penis With Toothpaste

You need to understand that the ingredients that are used for toothpaste can’t have any positive impact on your sexual life, orgasm, or help you stay power however it can be harmful to your genitalia and this shouldn’t be tried.

Toothpaste obviously has chemicals such as bleach and oils and the oil can be peppermint oil with caustic and these can burn sensitive skin. According to Paul C. Thur MD, a urologist, the ingredients for toothpaste can cause skin break or get you cellulitis that and it has the potent to cause bacterial infection.

The act of one also putting toothpaste on his penis before having an affair with the aim of overcoming Premature Ejaculation can adversely affect the partner as the bleaching agents and chemicals in the toothpaste can cause infection on the partner.

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There are several ways to enlarge your penis as some methods on the internet are helpful but you’ll have to tread cautiously because there are people who only want to go get attention or views on the internet and also you can consult a doctor to help you on the right method that will be safe for you than jumping on anything that would cause harm to your skin or genitalia

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